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You belong in tech.

Even if you don't look like the hackers in the movies.

Even if you don't have a degree.

Even if you've had three careers before.

In 2020, opera singer and new mother Anna McDougall realised she needed a change. She had tried coding as a kid and was excited about a technological future, but couldn’t help but wonder “If I try learning this now, will I be laughed out of the room?”.

Since then, Anna has not only forged her own career in software engineering, but has also helped hundreds of career changers find their way into tech. Now, she distils all her best advice and insight into one book, designed to take you from zero knowledge or experience through to signing a contract for your first tech job.

This is not a motivational quote book: it is a jam-packed, super-practical guide with step-by-step instructions for learning the skills, standing out from the crowd, and nailing the interview process.


Chapter titles include:

  • What Skills, Tools, or Programming Languages Should You Learn?

  • How Can I Learn Programming Given My Life Circumstances?

  • The (Mostly) Unwritten Rules of Coding Communities

  • Social Media Profiles: Dos and Don'ts

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • 'How Do I Know I'm Ready?' Mental Preparation for the Job Search

  • Creating an Application Kit (CV, Cover Letter, Portfolio)

  • Understanding the Classic Job Interview Stages for Tech

    ... and much more!

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James Perkins

As a hiring manager, the advice Anna gives is exactly what people need to hear to get on their way to working in tech! If you are looking for a book that is comprehensive and an author whose personality shines throughout each chapter, this book is for you. 

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Deserie Murembeni

Anna McDougall's You Belong in Tech could easily be the new bible for those looking to break into tech...The informal and not-too-technical writing style of this book sets just the right tone, and Anna’s sense of humor livens up the subject matter. Written in clear and accessible language, You Belong in Tech will resonate with people of various backgrounds.


Eddy Vinck

Anna’s insights about knowing when someone might be ready to start applying for jobs is on point. She sets the right expectations, and the chapter covers practical tips I would give to anyone looking to get a better idea of where they stand as an aspiring developer.

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